Monday, March 5, 2012

A Hostess Gift

We had a very special party to attend on Saturday and I worried over a hostess gift.  You see, my nephew is getting married in May and his future in-laws were hosting a gathering for both families to meet.  I would be meeting his fiance' for the first time as well.  Frankly, I was quite excited and a bit nervous...what if they didn't like us? What if we didn't like them?  The whole Montague and Capulet story played out in my mind. first step was to  text the groom and see if he could tell me three things that his future in laws enjoyed..the response..."cooking, champagne and some gardening".  My next step was to text my friend Denice and ask for her ideas while I was grocery shopping...I am a multi-tasker. She gave me great ideas and a "homemade munchie picnic theme" was born. 
I was making my sister in law this Pepper Relish for her birthday, so I began there. 

  I added a box of Wheat Thins (I removed the interior sealed bag from the yellow box, put it in a clear cellophane bag and tied the top with twine) and a tub of whipped cream cheese as accompaniments.
I made a batch of these pretzels...

I lined the basket with a fabric remnant and added the goodies, along with a bottle of Champagne and a pot of Rosemary.  A hostess gift from the heart and for the tummy.
(As it turned out, the party was a great success, complete with toasts from numerous people that made me cry...C and D are truly made for each other and two families who had never met are now one.  I can not wait for the wedding!)


Denice said...

Now that is something that would cost a fortune to buy...and the goodies would not be as tasty...homemade gifts are the "in" thing not that anyone needs or wants to be "in". I watched the Grinch Stole Christmas this past season and when he said his house was full of garbage from what people had bought others who carelessly and effortlessly tossed away in the trash made me realize that the percentage of homemade gifts being tossed were probably 1 in 10...that being said homemade is the only way in my book now...BEAUTIFUL JOB!

Michelle said...

Wow! So very nice and something most of us would love to receive.

Becky said...

You are one of the most creative people I know. I love the fact the you share all your little tips! I am glad all turned out well.

Tipper said...

Well it turned out just great-I love it!

Ellen said...

What a wonderful gift you so lovingly created!

Thanks for visiting me at A Season for All Things. I'm your newest follower and look forward to more terrific ideas. ~ Ellen