Friday, March 2, 2012

Helpful Tips

J. Paul Getty Museum

I thought I would share a few tips this morning that I have learned recently. I am sure they will save your sanity. 

1. When placing tonight's dinner in the crock pot, it will help if you TURN IT ON!

2. Plugging in your curling iron to preheat while you feed kids, pack backpacks and other school morning chores is not enough...the switch must be in the ON position.

3. When you have a nagging headache that has not gone away...even after 3 Advil tablets...check the counter to make sure that you TOOK the Advil.

4. It is not enough to put a load of laundry IN the washing machine and add must start the silly is not psychic.

You are welcome


Becky said...

Do you mean that thinking them on won't work and I actually must perform the act of turning things on? LOL
The appliance I have to most problem with is the dishwasher. It should know that when I fill up the soap dispensers that it is time to wash the dishes. LOL

Michelle said...

LOL! We all have those moments!

Michelle said...

Ha! I am so guilty of all these things. In fact, I consider it a success if the Advil makes it onto the counter so I am not left to wonder, "did I take it? didn't I take it?" Anyway, I been there girl!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I can totally relate! :D

Tipper said...

LOL-now you sound like me!