Monday, March 12, 2012

Final Ski Trip

We spent yesterday on the ski slopes again...this time cousins met us there. 

It was clear and beautiful.

The snow was icy in the morning and slushy by the afternoon due to the warm temps during the day, but everyone had fun.

(Hubby and our girls)

The area is ssupposed to have fresh snow next weekend and I hope the resort does well.  It has been a tough, mostly snowless winter for them.
Most of the cousins and the dad/uncle decided to make one final run to end the day...Shaggy called me to tell us when they were coming down. It was fun to see them all together.

Next year, I am going to try to ski for the 2nd time in my life...the first time was about 25 years ago...not fun. 
I know my second time will be better...right?


Tipper said...

Looks like fun-I've never skied-so you're ahead of me : )

Becky said...

Good luck!
I've never skied before so you are doing better than me. LOL

Michelle said...

Looks like fun! I have never tried to ski, but think I would enjoy it!