Sunday, January 1, 2012

Family Fun?

Update...results are at the bottom of this post.

For Christmas this year, my brother in law and husband received identical boxes from my parents.  The box was this pretty puzzle, which appeared to be great, since Bev Dolittle is one of our favorite artists.

Now, at first glance, one might think that oh, how nice...a family puzzle at Christmas...nice and relaxing family activity.  One might be WRONG!  The sweet, innocent puzzle pictured above is the same image as the puzzles we received, but ours each have 600 hundred pieces AND apparently two pieces make one nestles inside the other to form one puzzle piece.  I say APPARENTLY, because accompanying the innocent  puzzle, were RULES!  They are as follows:

Puzzle Contest Rules
1. Puzzle box must remain closed until designated start time (hence the word apparently)

2.No fudging of the start time is allowed!
3. Starting day, hour and minute must be jointly agreed upon by both the L and C families. (10:00am today is the start and Lollipop Pop has set alarms on our phones to be official)

4. Only L and C family members are allowed to participate.  Interlopers will be shot at sunrise (Put a kibosh on puzzle wizard friends coming over)

5. The first family to complete the puzzle will hold bragging rights for one year.

Well, my thoughts of a nice, fun family project came to a screeching halt when I received this text from my overly competitive sister and her overly competitive daughter yesterday at 3:44pm.
"We're in training"

And then at 9:49pm last night, I received this text with my overly competitive nephew in on the action.

"Worried yet?"

To which I replied, "Not a bit!"
What I really wanted to say was "Ummmm, yeah."
Wish us luck!

Well, I must say that the puzzle was fun.  Very challenging, but fun.
When the alarm on my phone sounded, we opened the box, (as did my sister's family an hour away), the interior bag and dumped out the pieces.  We had already formulated our plan on where edges, small pieces etc. would go.  What we did not anticipate were some of the small pieces still being attached to their mates in the box...hmmm, wonder if this fact will come back and bite us? 
This was about an hour in...
About 3 hours...
After 4 hours of solid puzzle-ing, DONE.
I texted my sister and was asked if we took ALL of the small pieces apart when we opened the box...negative.  She had indeed sent me a text earlier asking about this and Shaggy had only just discovered that message.  The Official Puzzle Ruling Committee (our parents) deemed our success null and void and we would have to restart because of "fudging" on our part.  Hmmm....We did so at the official new start time and after another 4 + hours, I went to bed.  My sister and her family finished the puzzle at 10:00PM...12 hours after the original beginning.  Ours is still not finished.
Oh well, they have official bragging rights for the year, but we are already looking forward to a rematch next year!


Rebcam said...

Noah just hijacked the photo. Dn't think for a minute that he put in a single piece of the training puzzle! He's not even planning to be awake by 10:00 this morning.

Farmchick said...

Wow! What a puzzle. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

What a neat gift idea. Love it! If we were to do this, it would end up just being me & Katie doing the puzzle. Brian & Hannah would drop us like a lead balloon after an hour. :)
At least you have an entire year to train for next year.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

That sounds like SUCH a brilliant idea! Though you took your puzzle rules far more serious than I ever could! Nothing could make me take apart my puzzle after the first put-together!

Ccamarena said...

We had a great time. Congrats to us all.

Twisted Fencepost said...

I'm with Megan....brilliant. I LOVE this idea. I'll keep this in mind for a later date when I think some are ready to uhmmmm....compete. And I know the perfect family to compete with. I can't wait!