Friday, December 30, 2011

A Peek Into Our Christmas

Good Golly, Miss Molly!  I have been trying to post this since Monday!  This silly server works sporadically and stops about the time I have the photos ALMOST loaded.  Grrr.... Anywho...Christmas at the NutHouse was wonderful and filled with much family, food and laughter.  It began on Christmas Eve Morning with a brunch at our home.  My sister in law and her family would be spending Christmas Day with her in-laws and this way we get to visit with them. I must say that brunch is my favorite meal to entertain with.  I find it easy to prepare and it is usually a relaxed atmosphere.  We had yogurt with homemade granola and fruit... 
...our dear friend Sharon's Cinnamon Coffee Cake along with bacon and French Toast Strata.  Throw in some hash browns and juices and we were good to go.
The white tulips from our party the week prior still looked pretty, so I added some fresh greenery, chrysanthemums and replaced the candles with cranberries and the centerpiece was done.
We had a twirling, swirling Sugar Plum Fairy...

...and the three grand-daughters posed.
Christmas Eve dinner is served at my parents home and  Santa paid us a visit again. 

 My sister and her family make this dinner complete
After dinner, we head home where the kids sprinkle Reindeer Food on the lawn. My brother in law has made this to send home with our kids since Shaggy was a small boy.  My niece Rachel has taken over this very important task.

Now...BEFORE I got this shot,
I was treated to this one. Three things to look at:
1. Lollipop Pop looks grossed out and disgusted.
2. Shaggy looks guilty as all get out.
3. Sugar Plum Fairy is trying her hardest to smile at the camera.
I will leave what just had happened to your imagination. 
You are welcome.
After spending Christmas morning at home with just us, we were able to visit with Hubby's Mom and his other sister's family.  I took NO pictures, but we had a lovely time. Our two nephews have grown into very special young men.
Christmas night is spent again at my parents' house.  This is when we read the Prayer for Children and feast on turkey sandwiches and relax.  If you look closely, you can glimpse an elf delivering gifts.
Now, I included this picture, not to watch my sister open a gift, but to offer a glimpse at the nuttiness that is my family...that is my husband watching with a golden star garland on his head.
(As it turns out, my sister's gift was pretty perfect for her...she is  a lover of books)
I love that my teenage nephew is so patient and kind with his 7 year old cousin. He is assuring her that she CAN read his book on becoming a sports' journalist.
I love that my daughter knows and loves her grandfather...
I love that my Mom has a door on which she measures every child who has entered her home over the years...
...and that she has backup when a said child has grown to more that 6 feet tall.
We were very blessed to be able to be with so many people we love and make us laugh.  It was a great Christmas indeed.


Farmchick said...

Great pictures and I LOVE that sign!

Anonymous said...

Your family seems as nutty as mine. :) Looks like a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Oh my goodness! Funny, sweet, pretty, exciting, delicious and more. Glad you all had a great Christmas!!