Monday, December 19, 2011

Lovely Weekend

Update - link to making the ladder at the bottom of this post...Christmas brain..sorry...

What a wonderful weekend we had here at the NutHouse. School is out for 3 weeks which means no Algebra or Literature Books on my dining table. No forgotten lunch boxes in backpacks. No making of breakfast in the dark. You get the picture...I am thrilled! I even completed my card ladder! It is not perfect and no one else in the family is as pleased with it as I am and that's okay. Getting the mail at this time of year with all the Christmas cards is a highlight.

Hubby and I had 2 couples over for dinner on Saturday and it was fun to just sit and talk with adults. We laughed until we cried and wondered why we don't do things like that more often. I planned on a simple centerpiece of Christmas colored flowers but when I got to the grocery store I discovered tulips at a VERY reasonable price and a picture popped into my head. Tulips are my favorite flower on the planet so I went with it. A collection of small vases (and a few salt shakers from the dollar store) mixed with white candles and the red vine ball thingies were perfect. I have had the round mirrors for years and use them as place mats. They look so pretty with the candlelight reflecting in them.

Every year, our small local museum has a train exhibit in December. Every year, I forget. This year I didn't. So Sunday, Sugar Plum Fairy and I enjoyed our time together. The exhibit consists of model trains set up and running. There are two chugging away overhead and several others throughout the room. The display cases are filled with toys from years gone by...some, sadly, I even a museum...from my childhood...

Every child who passes through this museum gets a kick out of this contraption. It was used, not widely, in shoe stores to size feet properly. The person stands on it and looking through the viewer on the top, were able to see an actual x-ray of their feet, thus making it easy for the shoe salesman to properly choose shoes.

Today the X-Ray in the viewer are those of some gargantuan person and make the kids laugh.

I love perfect weekends!

Here is a terrific tutorial for the

ladder. Super simple and fun.


Twisted Fencepost said...

Beautiful table!! Who says you can't use tulips for Christmas? I think they're beautiful!!
My guys would love the train display.
I happen to like your Christmas card ladder idea. Ideas for next year.

Farmchick said...

Those tulips are gorgeous and it does sound like a perfect weekend.

Denice said...

What a wonderful evening for you!!!! Your table was gorgeous!