Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Veteran's Day in Our Town

Whew! This past weekend was a full one! The crosstown rivalry football game was on Thursday night in which Lollipop Pop marched and did well...as for our football team, well...not so much. Veteran's Day in our town is a wonderful time. I shared it last year here. The weather was cold and quite windy in the morning but the rain did hold off for the parade.

I was playing with the settings on my camera because I am determined to get out of the manual setting...well, lets just say I am still learning and can't quite wrap my brain around it all. I have to mentally draw a picture in my head as to what the settings should be and by the time I have it figured out, the moment has passed, as has my daughter in the parade. I liked the Civil War Veteran on his bike, though...

..and this one is neat...the little boy of the back of the bike was flapping his arms the entire way.

Following the parade and lunch, we headed out to watch the bands. This is where the rain decided it couldn't hold back any longer. The Queen and Princesses were dry and warmish, but their poor Boy Scout escorts were not so lucky.

While the bands played the songs representing each branch of our military, soldiers and sailors rose to their feet. It is always a special sight and even more so this year in the rain...everyone was chilled and wet, but stayed and paid tribute to these men and women. Very moving.

Saturday night involved the final band competition of the year. It has been a wonderfully full fall, thus far and we are enjoying a bit of a breather this week.Oh, on a side note (as most of my posts are) I located by accident, a radio station that is already playing only Christmas music! Sugar Plum Fairy and I are thrilled...the others, not really.


Farmchick said...

We are having a bit of a breather as well. Nice to have it. Great pics.

Twisted Fencepost said...

What a great tribute! I wish our town still have Veterans Day parades. *sniff*
Great pics, though.
I was driving yesterday and someone had a sign in their front yard announcing which station was playing Christmas music. I promptly switched the radio station!!