Friday, November 4, 2011

Walnut Harvest

We own and raise about 10 acres of walnuts and yesterday was the day they were harvested. We have rain coming this weekend, so it is perfect. Strangely enough, we harvested exactly one year ago...that date usually varies a week or two from year to year The first thing that happens at harvest is these shakers arrive. They are short, efficient and fun to watch. We have several walnut trees in the yard and these guys are always good to shake them as well for us...note the brushes on this machine...they move the nuts so they are not crushed. (If you want to watch the videos, make sure you turn off the music at the bottom of this page first)

Once the shaking in the orchard is done, it looks like this.

The sweepers are next, but the video stunk. It is a machine that comes up one side of the row and back down the other. It has a huge revolving brush that sweeps the nuts to the center of the row. It is also an extremely dusty machine. After the sweeper gets most of the nuts in a windrow, people come and rake the wayward nuts into the middle. I took this from the garage...I didn't want the workers thinking I was a stalker.

The Jack Rabbit machine now drives down the center of each row and sucks everything up...basically a big vacuum cleaner. It then unloads the nuts into the orange hoppers.

Yesterday was a particularly busy day here...we are FINALLY putting some fencing in the back and everyone showed up at the same time...had a bit of a traffic jam on the driveway for a bit.

This last video is the exciting one...we see the result of a year long job come to fruition. We harvested about 18 hopper loads...this set of trailers is the second that was here...the first set left full while I was gathering children from school.

It is a good feeling and we are truly blessed.


Twisted Fencepost said...

WOW! That's a LOT of walnuts. We have black walnuts and pecans here on our farm, but not on that scale. LOL
I need me one of those shakers! That would be fun!!!

tipper said...

Just fascinating! Wish we had that many black walnut trees-and the machinery to harvest them too!