Monday, November 21, 2011

Easy Gift Idea

Sugar Plum Fairy was recently invited to a birthday party for a 6 year old classmate that included a list of what the child wanted for her gift and where it could be purchased. Because I like to go against the grain sometimes, I decided to venture out and helped Sugar Plum Fairy make a gift that the birthday girl would enjoy just as much. My daughter adores writing letters and coloring, so we decided on a Letter Writing Kit. I have done variations of this over the years and young kids always seem to get a kick out of it. The kit always includes mailing labels with the child's own name on them (I just use a Window's program to customize them), a pen, crayons or pencils(depending on the child's age) and stationary and envelopes. The birthday girl was asking for Calico Critters, which I had never heard of, but there are a plethora of images online. We found a site that offered free coloring pages of these critters, so I cut and pasted several onto note card templates in Window's Publisher. I made the appropriate size adjustments and Voila...note cards!

We made a label for the folder and placed everything inside. We also created several Penny Pendants and attached them to a chain. My daughter was so excited to present her friend something from her heart.


tipper said...

How cool-my girls would have loved that gift : )

Farmchick said...

Really a great idea!

Twisted Fencepost said...

How cute!
My daughter would have loved that when she was small.