Friday, October 14, 2011


I may just lose my mind...actually, since I have inadvertently posted this twice before it was finished, I think I have officially lost it. The farmer who owns the field across our driveway will be planting walnut trees this winter. We have mixed emotions about that, but the preparation of the field that has in the past grown cotton, wheat and corn is an interesting process. The first thing they did was to "laser level" the field. There was a lot of soil moved in the field to gain the proper slope for irrigation and planting. It was a VERY dusty job and much of that dust ended up in our house, pool and plants over the course of several weeks...on Monday another machine arrived to begin "ripping" the ground..(Hubby is out of town so I can not ask for his help in proper farming terms) This contraption takes 9 minutes to travel from one side of the field to the other and is in SERIOUS need of WD-40! The driver begins at 6:30AM and leaves between 3:00PM and 4:00PM. If you are so inclined to watch and spend a minute of your life listening to what may just be my demise...feel is quite amazing how much power this thing has to dig so deeply in the earth(turn off the music at the bottom of this page first, or you might lose your mind as well!) Oh, and an added benefit now that he is in front of the house is that it feels like an earthquake...the dogs LOVE it!


Twisted Fencepost said...

Gee whiz, what a noise! I know you can't wait until that thing has finished its job. It sure does dig deeply though. We couldn't dig that deep here because after you get down about foot it's all red clay. We don't have a lot of topsoil in my area. It's called blackjack. Really poor soil that must have things worked into it to get it to grow anything. Unless you're growing cotton. That seems to grow well in the poor southern soils.

Tipper said...

Wow-now thats some excitement : ) My little Ruby Sue would be terrified-and bark like crazy too : )