Saturday, October 15, 2011

Scattered and Random

This week was busy and FAST! I had such plans for when Hubby was out of town and but kept scaling those plans back.

Gone were the plans to redo a room...gone were the plans to paint our front door. I adore the purple it is now, but no one else in the family does. I think a glossy black will be nice, although the dents will show more, I fear. What to do...what to do?

As far as a project this week while he was gone...none. I spent one day hitting antique and thrift stores with my Mom. That is something we have not done in eons...lots of fun! Meetings almost every night, 4-H stuff and a server that is STILL kicking me off whenever I get involved in something, just didn't allow much of anything else. Oh well.

Several weeks ago, I won a book from Erin at The Whatever Girls.

I adore Max Lucado and The Crippled Lamb is a sweet story. Sugar Plum Fairy is even able to read parts of it to me! Thanks, Erin. We love it!

Have I mentioned that our dishwasher doesn't work? For some reason, I haven't even minded too much...weird.

Sugar Plum Fairy has decided that she wants to be an Indian for Halloween. In a weak moment, I decided that I would make her costume. The lady at the fabric store assures me that sewing is like riding a bicycle...we'll see. I have not sewn much since I made Shaggy's Lion and Jester Costumes when he was a toddler.

(Lollipop Pop as a hydrangea in a pot)

(Shaggy as a Jester)

(Sugar Plum Fairy in the Lion Costume I made Shaggy)

And to cap off the week, I get to see these guys tomorrow!



Farmchick said...

Love the baby in the flower pot! Enjoy the air show.

Denice said...

Hope the air show was such a blast despite the warm weather...I too love Max Lucado...I think black would be fab on the door and the dents????? only reminders that LIFE HAPPENS at YOUR house!!!!

Tipper said...

Sounds like a busy-but fun time :) Love all the halloween pics : )

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Hi sweet thing!!! I just got my mail and YOUR SWEET card!!! I had to come say thank you and what a treat it was and how much it blessed my day. You are such a sweetheart. Thank you!

(PS I love the idea of a black door. I want a black door in our next house too! :)


Twisted Fencepost said...

Love the costumes AND the purple door. I would have a hard time letting that one go. LOL
Good luck with the costume making! I know it will turn out great.
Is that the blue angels? I haven't been to an air show in years. Would love to go along with you!