Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Birthday Party AGAIN? (How did the year pass so quickly?)

(This post was written on Wednesday...then our server decided it just couldn't handle staying connected for more that 2.54 seconds at a time...I thought I was behind here before...I am further behind now)

Shaggy will be 17 this week and he had some friends over last weekend. First of all...17...HOW did that happen so darn quickly? I JUST brought him home from the hospital in my arms...and he fit!

Anyway, I digress. Having kids over at this age must involve food...and enough of it. I made 2 pots of beans...Spice Rack and Re-fried. Add in some baked tortilla shells, Fritos, hot dogs and toppings and voila, you have a spread that allows the kids to go in various directions...Frito Boats, Chili Dogs or Taco Salads. I added my Deviled Eggs, some Veggies and Indian Relish and the kids went to town. I knew I didn't want to typical cake and since I am on a Mason jar kick lately, my mind went to work. I made individual Blueberry Cobblers and Lemon Meringue Pies. I also made two of the Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookies, and served them next jars of milk in a vat of ice...THAT was a hit!

I made the chalkboard thingies from some coasters I snagged from my yard sale pile (did I mention I am also cleaning things out for a yard sale this weekend? Well, I am...actually NOW the yard sale begins in 30 minutes) I taped the cork side of each coaster, drilled a hole near the top edge and and spray painted the rooster side with chalkboard paint. I added some twine and wrote in my messy handwriting. Love them!

There were kids here that were here 10 years ago AND the girls located photo albums...funny. Everyone seemed to have a good time.They played volleyball, hide and seek (really?) and sat around the fire pit. My niece and nephew are freshmen this year, as is Lollipop Pop and it was both strange and comforting to see all of them included in this gathering of their older brothers' friends. I got a glimpse of them as adults when they are not the "little brother and sisters" anymore. Super fun to see. (I am still in denial about my baby boy being 17, though)

I'm posting now, before the server gets tired...Have a great weekend!


Farmchick said...

My baby boy is fourteen and that seems strange to me, so I cannot imagine him turning seventeen. Happy Birthday to Shaggy!

Rebcam said...

What a great party! You are the hostess I would love to be...well done, Jen. Give that big ol' kid a hug from me, even if it makes him squirm and if you need a step stool to do it.

Denice said...

I am impressed as usual and my mom and I ARE looking at this in amazement!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you threw a great party. Don't you just love it that your kids still have the some of same friends that they did when they were little?
Happy Birthday, Shaggy!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Great ideas!
Love those chalk board signs.
Happy birthday, Shaggy!

Tipper said...

All I want to know is-can you come throw me a party : )

It all looks so nice!

And yes the birthdays for them come too soon!

alicia said...

Those mason jar treats are fabulous! I love it! Happy birthday to your "baby"!