Thursday, October 27, 2011

Air Show, Part III...and final...I think...

We have some major changes occurring in our lives right now and while I sort through them in my mind, I thought I'd leave you with yet more Air Show pictures. Yeah! There were many planes to see on the ground as well as in the air. The re-enactment of a bombing and fire fight from WWII was exciting and informative as well. These are 2 F-16's with what was our best fighter from that war. Amazing how far we have come.

The F-16 demonstrated how fast they can fly...faster than the speed of sound. This jet flew in front of the crowd and it was completely silent...a second later, the ginormous sound hit us all with a cheer from the crowd...very exciting!This photo is not during the pass...this is when he was flying upside down.

There were lots of people for this 2 day show and as always, I adore people watching. This family caught my eye and sat near us. It was comprised a man, his wife and 4 boys....all but the mom were decked out in Steeler jerseys and that is what grabbed my attention first. What kept me intrigued was the interaction and care in which the parents had with the boys. They were more than patient and the boys were perfectly behaved and respectful...there was never a raised voice or a complaint from any of them. The oldest boy was probably 8 and the youngest about three. As the father and his boys were walking back to their seats, one lagged behind quite a bit. I watched the Dad simply raise his hand and the youngest came scampering back in line.He knew right where his son was and gave him the tool to find his way back...I wish I were more like that...I would have been yelling at mine to stay together, hold hands, don't dilly dally. I want to be like the Steeler Dad when I grow up.

I have seen the Blue Angels once before and am in awe of their...well...awesomeness! The precision these guys fly with is amazing. I honestly get chills and giddy when they fly.

The team flew various patterns in front of the crowd...

At this point, each plane is separated by 18 inches...INCHES, people!

If you ever have the chance to see the Blue Angels, you must attend...and call me...I''ll be right over.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I must go to an air show. That's really neat. And I love the story about the Steeler dad. I wanna be like him when I grow up too. :)

Farmchick said...

Love these pics! Air shows are the coolest!

Twisted Fencepost said...

I love air shows. I've seen the Blue Angels once and SO want to watch them again. They are amazing pilots!
I thing everyone could learn a thing or two from the "Steelers Dad"! Including me.