Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall? Please?

Although the calender says that fall has arrived, mid 90* temps have me begging to differ! I am hoping, however, that if I decorate our home for fall, the weather will immediately change for the better...I'll keep you posted on how it works out.
I keep a lot of my kidnick's art from school and like to display them from time to time. The scarecrows are from the girls...the one on the left is Lollipop Pop's from 1st Grade and the wreath is from kindergarten...she is now a freshman. The framed flowers were done by Shaggy in 1st grade...he is a junior! Are they hokey to have displayed now? Maybe, but I love them. The hunk of cedar wood on the fireplace is from a dear friend and comes with a story I'll share one day.

Recently, I came across yet another blog that I fear may take up any spare time I have...both in reading it and trying to create things she has made. This wreath has been so much fun to make! I had a 10 inch foam wreath already and went to town. It was super easy and probably took a total of an hour our so. I did it in spurts. I used just over 1,200 tacks, but at $1.00 per 300, it is a bargain!

I think it looks lovely on the mirror over our fall mantle.

In the end, I decided the scarecrows needed to be moved...still displayed, just not here.

So, Fall....I am ready...will your PLEASE arrive soon?

I am linking this up with Beth's Party. On a side note, this woman is full of wonderful things...she is super taleneted and creative, but she is also kind and helpful. So, take a bit of time and visit Beth is you haven't before. You are sure to catch the creative bug as well.


Denice said...

I am with you on that fall weather. Your home looks beautiful and I can't wait to check out that link. I love to craft!! THANK YOU!!!!

Janie Fox said...

I must make one of these wreaths. It is cool here today and really feels like fall. Loving it. I could do without all the bean dust though!

Tipper said...

Love love the wreath-so clever!

I'll try sending Fall your way!