Monday, August 29, 2011

Messin' with my Kidnicks

Last Monday marked the beginning our our SECOND week in school...yes, that means we are halfway through our first month now and I don't think it should have even begun yet. Sorry, I am just missing summer vacation.

Anyway, last Monday afternoon, Shaggy was particularly pooped. He had completed the first week of school, but he had also spent several days in an Off Road Race (in which his team came in 1st in their class...very big and exciting stuff). He came home and promptly started his homework and then crawled onto his bed. At 6:33PM, I went in to rouse him for dinner. He was sound asleep and I decided to mess with him. The kids usually rise around 6:30AM for school and the light outside might be close enough to be convincing. I told Shaggy to wake up or he'd be late for school!

After several trips back to his room to wake him up, the girls were on board with comments like, "Shaggy, breakfast is ready," and "C'Mon, we'll be late for school!" He was beginning to come back to the land of the living when I asked if he had completed all of his homework last night (remember, this is STILL "last night") He mumbled that he still had a bit to do, so in my Mom voice, I told him to to hustle up and he'd have time to finish it after he ate. Well, the girls were sitting down to dinner of Mac and Cheese when Shaggy came shuffling from his room...he looked at his plate and said, "Oh, come on!"...translation "Really? Mac and Cheese for BREAKFAST, you must be kidding!"

He flopped down on the couch behind the girls and his brain began working..."Mom, what time IS it?" I replied, ever so sweetly, "6:45, honey". He got up, ran to his room , looked at his phone and discovered that it was 6:45PM...not AM. The girls were in hysterics by now and Shaggy was actually amused. He said I needed to take a picture of his clocks so I could post it on my blog...that's the true sign of a successful joke! Loved it and laugh whenever I think of it!


Denice said...

That is classic! How funny..I can't believe it has already been two weeks of school..

Ann said...

Tee hee....... you must have grown up within a really bizarre family!

Twisted Fencepost said...

And so something I would do. tee hee
But honestly, I hate when I take a late nap and wake thinking I have slept through the night. I usually do that to myself with no outside interference to help confuse me. LOL

tipper said...

Funny!! I should do this-but my girls would probably beat me : )