Saturday, August 6, 2011

Me? Sentimental?

Nahhhh... Doesn't everyone buy a particular liquid fabric softener because their Grandma liked the spokes-bear?

Don't people buy the bottle and never use it...move it with them to a new home where it sits for 8 MORE years on a top shelf where it only fits when pushed in at such an angle that it deforms the bottle?

They don't?

Well, I did and it still makes me smile.


Farmchick said...


Anonymous said...

How cute! I may not buy bottles of fabric softener, but I am tempted from time to time to eat a deep-fried pork fritter simply because it reminds me of my mamaw. :)

Twisted Fencepost said...

I don't have anything that I can think of sitting around. But I have recently started using a specific kind of dish liquid just because it reminds me of my Mother. And she was right, it is the best kind.