Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Bakery and a Nursery...Who Knew?

We recently had the opportunity to travel to San Diego as a family. Once the plans were made, I jumped online to research where we would find the best things like...chocolate! I discovered a bakery in the town of Encinitas (which was about 30 minutes from our destination) which turned out to be the perfect location to pick up a snack and head to the hotel. Elizabethan Desserts is located about 1 mile off the freeway and super easy to get to and find...believe me...after travelling through Los Angeles at break neck speeds, we were ready for some ease.

The bakery is in a building inside a nursery with all sorts of treasures. The wood carvings are done there and are stunning. I want that bird house/tree house thingy!

I had never seen a black bell pepper plant...the Heliotrope instantly returns me to my Grandma Jean's garden...had we been heading home instead, I would have come home with it numerous plants...and pots...and...and...

BUT...I was on a mission for nourishment...the bakery is delightful and the staff was very friendly and helpful. Shaggy and Sugar Plum Fairy opted for the GIGANTIC creations. Hubby chose a normal size cupcake and Lollipop Pop and I decided to each get two mini order to sample more offerings.

Back row...Diggity Dang and Boston Creme Jumbo Cupcakes

Center row...Ho' Daddy Chocolate Cupcake

Front Row...Churro Mini, Grasshopper Mini, Colin's Peanut Butter Wag Mini, Mr. Bean's Cup O' Joe Mini

Each cake was beautiful to look at and sweet smelling.

Because we were all antsy to check in at our hotel, we decided to save this decadence for a bit longer. Well, let me say that it was quite warm and when the box mysteriously tipped over while in my care, this is what we arrived with.

They still tasted fantastic and make for a funny memory.


klutzymama said...

Oh YUM! Those look delicious...even all spilled over like that. :)

Twisted Fencepost said...

Looks like an interesting place to poke around. I just love places like that.
All that chocolate....I would have needed a nap after eating that. LOL

Tipper said...

Love the cupcakes-but man the traffic-I've never seen it like that before :)