Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Baseball

In these parts (and I am sure elsewhere) baseball can become a year round sport. Shaggy plays "summer ball" which, while technically, not a part of the high school program, resembles it a great deal...some of the same coaches and many of the same kids. The neat part about it is that the lower classmen play along with the upper classmen. This means that this summer, I got to watch my son and 2 of my nephews on the same team. The season began the first week of June and culminated the first week of July. In those 4 weeks, the boys played in 4 tournaments and had a lot of fun.
This ball park is amazing for a high school in our neck of the woods...just look at these stands! (Nothing like the 2 sets of bleachers we are used to)

Shaggy is on 3rd base here and the batter is a young man he went to kindergarten with.

This is my nephew pitching...

The tourney at the coast was great this year...there are three towns in which it is played...last year, we got the HOT place. This year, we had two games over looking Morro Rock in Morro Bay...

...although the night game here was cold and foggy...couldn't even see the rock.

(Same field and angle as above photo)

The last two games were played in San Luis Obispo and were quite memorable with a coach ejection and a bench clearing. Yikes!

Hubby's family owns a small house near this tourney, so we hosted a BBQ one evening. It was fun for the kids to be able to walk to the beach and have a home base, so to speak...there were amazing card tricks, food and comradery. It was a nice and casual way for the parents, coaches and players to visit.

Now we have a break from baseball until October

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