Sunday, July 17, 2011

Interesting Information

Last year, I discovered Mary Jane's Farm Magazine and was lucky enough to receive a subscription to it for my birthday recently. It is a magazine to be savored I do just that. Parts of it have the feel of a Farmer's Almanac to me. In the "Vintage Newsroom" recently, the magazine ran the following excerpt from "The Designer Magazine" in 1915.

New Food Discovery

American physicians and food authorities are keenly interested in the discovery by a London scientist that certain foods, notably vegetables and fresh meat, contain substances known and "vitamins," which are indispensable to the well-nourished body. These vitamins prevent scurvy and other so-called deficiency diseases which prevail among the very poor. Potatoes are especially rich in vitamins. Whether cooking destroys these substances is a question. It is generally believed that it does not. Anyhow, eat freely of vegetables and fruit!

I can not imagine not having fresh fruit and veggies on a daily basis, although I know many in this world still do not have access to them. I feel very blessed, indeed.


Jayme said...

My mouth dropped reading that - it's funny to think that less than a hundred years ago - they didn't know that there were 'vitamins' in fruits and veggies. Wow. I love MJF magazine too! My subscription lapsed though, and I'm too cheap to renew it. : /

Anonymous said...

I've seen that magazine and always wondered if it was good-I should get one : )

Twisted Fencepost said...

Wow, that's a step back in time!
Love me some fresh fruits and veggies.
And Mary Jane's Magazine. I usually pick it up at Tractor Supply.