Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cucumber Update

In June, we planted some cucumber seeds by the signs of the Moon. You can read about that planting here. After some clean up of weeds this week, I am pleased.

Only two of the three bad day seeds ever sprouted and all three plants of the good day seeds were beautiful. Because of my limited space, I chose the best looking plant of each and removed the others. The sun was not my friend this morning and I apologize for the over-exposured photos. Anyway, both plants are in the same trough with the same water and sun exposure. Here is the good day seed plant...

The bad day plant looks healthy and pretty, but is quite a bit smaller and has only one blossom,

whereas the good day plant has numerous blossoms.

More updates to come as the cukes begin to cuke.

This is fun, Tipper!


Twisted Fencepost said...

We have planted cucumbers along with Tipper's planting by the signs, too.
It amazes me that things just grow better when planted in the right sign of the moon.

tipper said...

Great! I added your info-and link to my update : )

Farmchick said...

My cucumber plants just now started to grow. Seriously strange! Yours look good!

klutzymama said...

Your cukes look great. I'm intrigued by this moon planting. I planted pickling cucumbers this year, but I keep forgetting to go out and get them, so they are getting bigger than they are supposed to. I've still sliced them up and ate them and they've been great.