Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer Has Officially Arrived

The last two weeks have been a true whirlwind of activity. It began with Shaggy's Baseball Award Banquet where he received the "Athlete Award" for the JV team. My nephew received honors for the varsity team as well. I was very proud! Pictures taken...nope. We them moved on to the Spring Band Concert for Lollipop...

I also got a glimpse of the emotions I would be dealing with at graduation when her best friend stood to play a solo. I started crying...and she is not even MINE.

I have helped in Sugar Plum Fairy's class all year and finally finished their Memory Books. This is something that was very important to her teacher and when the aide was injured in October, it fell to me to help get them made. There is a 2 sided page for each month of school beginning in August and ending in July. Each page has a themed art project, usually involving the students cutting out their hand prints and gluing them to form a flower or turkey or lamb. You can imagine the amount of time this takes with a class of 25 5 and six year olds. The final page consisted of collaging pictures from throughout the year for each child. Making certain each child had approximately the same number of pics and then cutting and gluing them on to the page took me FOREVER...or so it seemed. I finally brought that part home and spread everything out.

They are super cute and even more important because this teacher announced her retirement after 38 years. These books had become her signature over the years and needed to be done. I was glad to have been a part of it.

A band reward trip to an amusement park was on the agenda as well...Lollipop Pop convinced her Dad to go with her so I could stay home. They had a great time together.

I also painted the pool. I always make excuses for our pool and a friend called me on that recently. She is more excuses.

We drain the pool every year and each spring we power wash and clean it out.

About every three years, I paint the thing...this was that year. It is not a fun or easy job but it truly aides in the upkeep through the summer season.

We also attended the year end awards assembly and learned an interesting fact. Lollipop Pop's graduating class consisted of a whopping 32 students...I ADORE this school. Anyway, of those 32 students, 28 of them made honor roll in the final semester and of those 32, 14 were CJSF Gold Medal Winners and wore gold honor cords at graduation. This class is truly a remarkable one and I am so proud of each and every one of them.

Having Shaggy out of school a week early helped me immensely...I am not sure he was a thrilled as I. He truly became my sanity saver all week...he pruned, cleaned, swept, moved and shoveled anything I asked. He never complained and by our bash on Friday, everything was ready.

I know this post is horrible boring, but when I read through it next year, I will remember that I did survive the insanity!


klutzymama said...

Oh I hear ya. I didn't think I would survive the end of this school year. Now I am ready to relax and have some fun!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Wow! You have been busy!
Almost time for that much needed R&R.
Hang in there!!