Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Party

Two years ago, Shaggy's 8th Grade Graduation Party was highlighted here. That party was held after the graduation at a friends' home...at night...storm, no electricity, downed trees in the driveway, etc. Quite exciting and memorable.
I had decided long ago that I was NOT going to offer to host Lollipop Pop's party. Well, after her class trip to Disneyland last month, I changed my mind. I knew most of the kids in her class beforehand and they are great, but after that trip, I realized that the entire class is great. We never waited on one child, they were all funny and respectful and deserved to be celebrated....so I offered to host the party the afternoon after graduation. As it turned out, it was a lot of fun! A small group of kids rented a limo for a couple hours and drove around town and had lunch...the highlight of a kids life, apparently.

The weather was spectacular...it has been in the 70's and low 80's which is unheard of here in June and breezy. Decorations were super simple. The Subway art came from Eighteen 25. I adore subway art...I am trying my hand at creating one of my own and if I ever finish it, I will share.

The table centerpieces were photo trees I made. I took old photos I had of the kids, and taped them back to back. I then punched a hole in the top center and hung them on wire in containers. I also went through Lollipop Pop's year books, made copies of more pics and had them laminated back to back in order to be heavier than copy paper. The kids and adults loved them and were able to take the ones they wanted home afterward.

We had a "Name that Baby" Contest. The kids had been instructed to bring a baby photo of themselves in a sealed envelope to their teacher. I, in turn, placed them on a numbered board and had each student write down who they thought each baby was as a teenager. The most correct guesses won a prize. There were a few that looked EXACTLY the same and some confusing ones.

One Dad put together a DVD of the kids through the years and set it to music. I had cleaned the garage within an inch of its life and they watched the DVD in there. I place some chairs and big pillows on the floor for better viewing. LOVED it!

They munched on BBQ Hot Dogs or Baked Potatoes with all the fixings and yummy desserts. The parents donated most of the food and all of the drinks so it was truly a collaborative effort...not only are the kids in this class remarkable, their parents are as well.

All in all, from a class of 32 students, 29 kids were able to make it for the afternoon. All of the upper grade teachers but one and the superintendent joined us as well. The kids swam in my newly painted pool, played ping pong, volleyball and football.
Also, if you give teenage boys a couple of rope swings in a tree, they are happy and provide some entertainment...and the tree survived!

Even the chickens tried to get in on the festivities, but were quickly ushered out of the party.

The thanks yous and hugs I received throughout the afternoon from kids and parents alike, truly made this one of the best days is a long time.


Farmchick said...

So great of you to host this party. You know she will remember this for always!

Twisted Fencepost said...

What fun!
You are such a creative and organized Mom.
Those memories will last a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Great job on an awesome party! You are such a good mom.