Saturday, June 11, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Sometimes, I detest is one of those ate most of my post on gardening with pretty pics of strawberries and scary scarecrows in need of makeovers. It adds spaces where I don't want them...I am sure the operator here shares NO BLAME whatsoever... Here is what is left
I am taking part in Blind Pig and the Acorn's Planting by the Moon Signs and am really excited this year. Tipper does a fantastic job explaining what this is and how it works here. I participated last summer with squash as well and this year we planted Wisconsin Cucumber Seeds that were donated by Hometown Seeds. (I must say that I have ordered from this company before and there just is no comparison between personalized service and mass market companies). I received the seeds from Tipper in time to plant in May...well, THAT didn't happen here. We had weird weather and the "good dates" were in the midst of me trying to survive fairs and school and sports. So, Sugar Plum Fairy and I planted our good day seeds on June 4 and our bad day seeds on June 5. I planted three of each in the same bed with the same sun exposure and water. The good day seeds were all up on June 6 and 2 of the 3 bad day seeds were up on June 10...The third bad day still has not sprouted 9 days after planting. These picks were taken on June 12...

Good Day Seeds -8 days

Bad Day Seeds- 7 days

We have had a super mild June here...temps are usually in the 90's, but have been in the 70's for the most part with very cool and lovely nights. Mind you, I could be quite happy if it stayed like this, but the professional weather guessers are promising back to normal temps beginning this week. The tomatoes are abundant and firm, but need some heat to ripen.

There you have mention of my transplanted Butterfly Bush that has adapted nicely to its new pictures of my Echinacea that is blooming profusely...those seeds were sent to me by Tipper more than a year ago.

I think I will go wallow in my self pity.

Have a great week!


Stefanie said...

Those tomatoes look great!! Fresh veggies out of the garden are the best.

tipper said...

Thank you for the kind words and the update-and the post thing-I've had that frustrating thing happen too-grrr... : )

Twisted Fencepost said...

I'm participating in Tipper's sign test, too. I planted 5 of each, only 2 of the good day seeds sprouted, but all 5 of the bad day sprouted.
We have tomatoes on the vine but they are very small. Lack of rain is keeping them from getting bigger. I water them atleast every other day, sometimes daily just because it's so hot. But it just doesn't replace vitamin G water.