Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Graduation Day

Thursday was quite an emotional day for yours truly. In a good way, but emotional, nonetheless. It began at 7:30 AM when Lollipop Pop and her graduating class met for pictures.

I even got a lousy shot of my 2 graduating girls...there were 4 other families who had this same age range of graduates in the school.

Then it was off to Sugar Plum Fairy's Kindergarten Graduation.

Now, I am not a huge believer in this milestone, but this small, country school is. I must tell you that the parents of kindergartners can be a breed all their own. They (not all, but some) do not sit still in their chairs in order for those around them to be able to see their own children...NO...they stand up, they clog the center aisle, they talk, they call out to their own child with no regard to other parents around them. Once I decided that it would not be appropriate to tackle them, I gave up and sat there with a smile on my face. I did, however, send Lollipop up to get one picture of the graduate.

After a "reception" in the classroom which involved parents presenting their children with long stemmed roses, balloons, and various other gifts, I took Sugar Plum Fairy to lunch. She had her choice of anywhere in town...she asked if we could go to the grocery store and get "two donuts". Ummm....sure. Pretty easy to please, that one.

That evening was Lollipop Pop's 8th grade graduation and the one that I feared was going to do me in. Sure, enough, it nearly did. We arrived early enough that she was able to take photos with her friends before the ceremony began. The girls all looked gorgeous and the boys were dapper and handsome.

Lollipop Pop was given the honor of introducing a WWII Veteran and Battle of the Bulge survivor who presented the American Legion award to one of her best friends.

By this time, I had been shedding tears for some time. (At the beginning of the ceremony, the boy sitting next to Lollipop Pop on stage told her that I was crying already...to which she replied, "Oh, she started that in the car coming here!")

I began the ugly cry when she was announced as the Class Valedictorian. I am starting again as I type this! Geeze!

After the ceremony, is was fun to visit with the "freshmen" and take photos.

(Lollipop Pop with my parents)

Lollipop Pop came to this school as a 2nd grader, but there were kids who began as kindergartners and have been together for 9 years. They are a truly remarkable group of young people and I am proud to know them all.


klutzymama said...

Your girls are so beautiful. You have every right to cry those proud tears! :)

Twisted Fencepost said...

I agree with Klutzymama!
Congratulations to them both. And you for hanging in there and getting through all that emotional stuff. LOL
Don't feel alone, I cry when I get emotional too. And I envy those who can hold it in.
My son's school did not have a graduation for kindergarten and he graduated 8th this year and they didn't have graduation either. **sigh** I guess they don't have the money because the schools are so big here. I really miss the small town life I grew up with.

Farmchick said...

Congrats to your girls! I know you are so very proud!