Monday, May 2, 2011

We CAN help!

The news recently has made me ever so grateful to be safe in my own little neck of the woods. I can not even pretend to understand what the folks in the tornado ravaged parts of our country are going through. I feel helpless. I want to help. I know that I am not the only one feeling this way as many bloggers are expressing these same emotions. Beth at The Stories of A to Z posted this link this link on Facebook. Crysta lists clothing, undies, baby items, wash cloths and towels among other things as being needed most. The items that stopped me in my tracks were garbage bags and baskets to collect their personal belongings...all they have left is what will fit in a bag! I sent Crysta an E-Mail asking where I can send a box of needed items and she responded very quickly. The girls and I will be filling a box after school today and sending it off in the morning. Maybe you can too?

Pioneer Woman is have one of her giveaways this week as well, though this one if different.

Head on over to Pioneer Woman's blog and comment with your preferred charity. She will choose 4 random comments and donate $500.00 to each of those charities. In addition, Ree is donating .25 per comment to a charity benefiting the tornado victims.

This is a way everyone can help NOW.

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Farmchick said...

A great way to help for certain.