Sunday, April 10, 2011

4-H Fair

It is hard to believe that a year has passed so quickly! The 4-H Fair was held over the weekend and was a success! The Mini Members (age 5-8) made banks out of recycled plastic jars as well as a small "cake" decorated with fondant.

Mini Members from all over our county were shown together and there were some really cute items from other clubs!

There are odd plants and mini gardens and a whole section devoted to table settings.

I think this Ant Menu is super!

Ants seemed to be a popular theme this year as well...Lollipop Pop's cake.

There was a Fashion Show featuring some amazing creations as well as photography, cooking and welding. I am happy to be a small part in a great organization.


Farmchick said...

Those cakes look great. I love the creativity of fondant.

Stefanie said...

What great ideas. Love Lollipop Pop's cake!!

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Those fondant cakes look great. And those banks look like a ton of fun to make.

Sounds like a great time and a success. I like the term Mini Members.

Have a great day.

Tipper said...

What lovely creations! A very neat fair!