Saturday, March 5, 2011

Winner and a Video

First of all, I want to thank you all who entered my little giveaway as well as those who E-Mailed me with kind comments regarding Denice's items. I know whoever wins will appreciate and enjoy filling the books with wonderful memories. Secondly, because my computer skills lack in the Department of Blogland, you will have to have faith in me...I cannot figure out for the life of me how to have the cool Random number Generator icon thingy show up in my post! But, I punched in (really, I did because I was frustrated with not being able to copy it) the numbers. It gave me number 1 as the winner.

Number 1 is Alicia!

Congratulations and enjoy making it your own.

And, if any of you are in need of something special for a baby in your life, I'd love it if you'd head over to Hi Ho Silver and see what Denice has to offer. Thanks!

Now, because I have spent much of the past week and will most of today watching 2 of my children play sports, I thought this video was apropos. My mom sent the story and the video and I have watched it several times...all with tears running down my face. It truly epitomizes true sportsmanship and is well worth watching. (I have tried for well over an hour for Blogger to upload the actual video to no avail) Would you please click HERE and come back and tell what you thought? (Sorry...YouTube took the video off because of copyright things)

Pretty Please?


It's Grace said...

That video was amazing. Such a great story of how far a sweet gesture can go. Thank you for sharing :)

alicia said...

Thank you again for hosting this giveaway!
I am so excited to fill it up with memories of Charlie Brown and my two kiddos!