Friday, March 25, 2011

Today at the Nuthouse

We have had a week of rain and cold weather the tune of nearly 3 inches with another storm coming tomorrow. I get to be home all day running around and I am having SO much fun. I have several small projects I am working on, MY playlist is blaring in the house and I am singing to it! The animals are happy to have some sun today and everthing is sparkly and clean. Did you know chickens are hilarious? Owning chickens has an added bonus when they come running to greet you.
These girls have laid 85 eggs since January 30! I LOVE IT!!!

Ginny will be 1 on Monday...
Orchid just had her birthday.
I am linking up with the Farm Chick today...head on over and see what's happening on her farm...I'm heading outside again to enjoy this day!

Happy Friday!


gtyyup said...

85 eggs out of just 3 chickens???!!! I'm sure my 5 haven't given me that many...what's your secret?!

Ginny 'n Orchid are cute. I'd love to have goats...and sheep, but the fencing and the coyote factor are issues. So, I have to live vicariously through other sheep/goat owners ;~)

Thanks for your visit today...see you again!

Farmchick said...

That is a lot of eggs!!!

Vintage West said...

Lovin those sweet goat faces!

Tipper said...

Love the pictures-and I think you sent me the rain : )