Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Two Down, Three to Go

...days, that is... Shaggy has 5 baseball games in 5 days in a town an hour away, PTO and 4-H meetings yesterday, working in Sugar Plum Fairy's classroom for the past 2 mornings, dentist, band concert tomorrow and then the fun job of checking in the band uniforms and getting them ready for the dry cleaners, a basketball tourney for Lollipop Pop AND I was brow beaten into helping with a Parent Group Sale before school on Friday (maybe not brow beaten, but CLOSE)...OH and Lollipop Pop signed up for a Spanish class one day a week that begins and 7:00am this morning....Ummm...see ya'!

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Mrs. Dunbar said...

is this what life with big kids is like? oh my.

Farmchick said...

Sounds a little bit like my week...