Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Poem

A person with a smile warm
with laughter gay and happy,
Appreciates the finer things
and makes a lunch so snappy.
A person with a rapid wit
and of a twinkling eye,
Who has a word for everyone
she meets in passing by.
A person rich in culture, yes
in art she is so wise,
Yet tender as the very dew
and even spares the flies.
This is a poem written by a friend of my Mom's about my Grandma Jean in 1961ish.
He nailed her personality on the head. Grandma Jean always surrounding herself with caring people, laughter and kindness. She was also an accomplished artist as a young lady...she was a wonderful seamstress who made beautiful ballet costumes for my Mom...she then tried and excelled in needlepoint...she and my Mom both have squares in the United Nations Peace Rug. She and my Grandad both had witty and quick senses of humor and they did crossword puzzles together and she was an amazing cook. She was a world traveller and one of the most influential people in my life. The only part of the poem that stumps me is "sparing the flies". Hmmm...think I will have to ask Mom if I am forgetting something or if that is all that rhymed "wise".


Anonymous said...

She sounds like a wonderful woman. Loved the poem!

It's Grace said...

She sounds like an amazing woman!!

Tipper said...

She sounds great-I'm glad you had her. Let us know about the flies : )

Peg said...

bet it meant she wouldn't hurt even a fly???