Saturday, March 19, 2011

Japan...from the inside.

As I mentioned last week, my parents hosted a Japanese Exchange Student years ago who wove herself into our family. Izumi and her husband were actually in California when the devastation occurred but have since returned home. They live in an area south of Tokyo.

Izumi has sent E-Mails to my parents as well as myself and I thought you might find what she says, in part, interesting.

This was from the E-Mail received as soon as they returned from the States. This was also written before the discovery of missing villages and the most current nuclear issues.

"I was surprised at what's going on in Japan now. It looked like whole Japan seemed to be sinking if we just watched TV."

I find this interesting and try to remember it what watching news about anything...take everything with a grain of salt.

"This parts are North East Japan and we are so sorry for people who live there. Most prefectures which have no damage from the earthquake are offering those people apartment rooms to live in"

This is just another example of the kind and compassionate cloth the Japanese people are cut from.

This is part of the E-Mail I received this morning.

"My Japanese family and we are all right here in Japan. Some parts of the country are still having earthquakes every so often and people have been very anxious about what the future conditions will be. We watch TV at my parents home sometimes and people are still looking for missing ones everyday. We really feel sorry for people who have lost everything this time. The government is trying to deal with the nuclear plant all the time."

I think she feels as helpless as we do.

"People have started buying lots of toilet papers, water bottles and rice bags. So, there are many people in stores like super markets. May foreign people are leaving Japan now. They are going back to their own countries."

My heart breaks for the people who are living this nightmare and am grateful that much of Japan is safe for now and pray that they remain strong and find peace and healing soon.

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