Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fantastic Company!

I recently took the members of our 4-H Photography Project to a local Photography Studio and was introduced to Mpix. This is the processing company the studio uses for its business and suggested we try their consumer division.

In looking through their site, I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of navigating and uploading photos. Their prices are the same as our local drugstore and the shipping costs were worth a try. Lollipop Pop chose the photos she wants to enter in our fairs and we uploaded them in a snap.

Then the fun began. Mpix offers different size prints in addition to the normal 8 X10's. They also offer a Metallic Paper and for a dollar more we thought it would be fun to try. I placed the order late one evening and by the following morning, I had received an E-Mail stating that the order had been shipped...NICE!
When I brought the girls home from school the
next afternoon, we discovered this...

As I was contemplating the demise of a dog (not really... well, maybe...) Lollipop Pop took the package in to determine the damage of the photos. Four of the five ordered were damaged, but what caught my eye even more so, was the wonderful way the prints were packaged. They were in individual velum envelopes with cardboard to prevent bending...

...these envelopes were separated by thin sheets of styro foamy stuff....

A large, heavy piece of cardboard backed it all and was placed in a delicious (who knew?) box and sent USPS Priority Mail.

After calling the Post Office and determining nothing would happen on their end (even though said substitute mail delivery person thought leaving a box ON THE GROUND WITH DOGS was a GOOD idea), I decided to just reorder the photos and be done with it. The discount code I had used originally would not work again, so I dropped Mpix a quick E-Mail wondering if they could help with the discount code.

With in a few minutes, I had the nicest E-Mail back from Christina apologizing for out "mishap" and gave me a coupon for 75% off my re-order!

Now, mind you, they did NOTHING wrong AND they still offered the discount! I am sold and will use them for ALL of my photography needs and have recommended them to my 4-H Members as well.

Good Customer Service is not as common these days and Mpix far surpassed "good"...they truly are FANTASTIC!
Just a recap....

1. Mpix prices
are virtually the same as our local drugstore.

2. Shipping is reasonably priced and SUPER fast.
3. I adore my regular mail lady and will NEVER let her retire.

4. Customer Service at Mpix is SUPERB!
5. The metallic paper on our experiment is super cool!

6. My son's dog can bending here.


Farmchick said...

This type of thing has happened to me before....finding bits of mail AND newly ordered shoes (chewed up) strewn about in the yard! Glad you had a good ending. Great company!

Tipper said...

Well how nice was that! My brother's dog-got the package with the Easter dresses in it one time-not good.

alicia said...

Isn't fun to find a business with awesome customer service?! Makes a huge difference!