Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Blast From The Past!

My Dad recently brought over a bag of my reports and study guides from another era. Some were from my Creative Writing and History classes when I was in high school - on onion skin typing paper...anyone old enough to remember that? There was my study guide for the Constitution test in 8th grade...the copies run on the Ditto Machine...again, I am aging myself! Anyway, there was a binder that was labeled "Twenty-five Item Notebook". I had completely forgotten about it but reading through it now brought back lots of memories. It was in my 8th Grade Language Arts Class with a teacher whom I disliked immensely. This notebook, however, was fun. We were given a list of 25 items that had to be included and a description of how it would be organized, i.e., table of contents, introduction, dedication, etc. Each of the 25 items was on its own binder page and turned in as a whole notebook.
Some examples were:
10 words that show ownership
3 Gimmicks used in Newspapers
15 Compound words
We had to write a letter to the editor of our local newspaper as well as a letter to another publishing company asking for a copy of their paper.

For the Article of Interest, I included this:

"Northern California motorists are paying 45% more for gasoline this Christmas season than they did a year ago, the California State Automobile Association reported today. Prices were up about 1.5 cents from the previous month. The auto club said its pre-Christmas survey of 600 service stations found the average price of regular gasoline $1.05 a gallon, with premium selling for $1.00 and unleaded $1.10. Before Christmas, 1978, regular averaged 71cents a gallon, premium 77 cents and unleaded 75 cents. Diesel fuel this year averages $1.00 a gallon, up from 60 to 70 cents a year ago.
Liquid propane fuel for vehicles runs about 60 to 70 cents a gallon, up about 15 percent, the survey showed." I am REALLY dating myself. I paid $3.97 a gallon for regular this week. How much are you paying?


Anonymous said...

We are at around $3.50-ish right now. Makes me sick!

Tipper said...

How cool is that-like a true peek into the past-or your past I should say : )