Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wonderful Weekend!

I know it is Wednesday and the weekend is but a memory, but I must say that the little things in my life bring me so much joy. The girls were out of school on Friday and Monday and the weather was SPECTACULAR! Hubby and I sat out by a large bon fire, ALONE for several hours, just talking and visiting with each other. Seems the older our kids get, the more difficult that becomes. It was wonderful. Sugar Plum Fairy gets almost giddy when checking for eggs throughout the day and we have started a chart to keep track of each chicken's production. Lollipop Pop began archery with 4-H and is loving much fun to watch her learn something new. She also made a decision on high school and feels very good about it. My parents came over for an impromptu dinner on Sunday and the visit was nice to catch up. Valentine's Day is never a huge deal around here...usually a special dinner and cards. Shaggy had a ton of homework after baseball, but we fit in a nice relaxing time reading each other's cards. Sugar Plum Fairy made one for each of us and did them by herself and each one was designed especially for the recipient. I discovered Shaggy's to me on my nightstand last night and I cried. Today is back to normal, but I will remember this weekend for a long time...I am truly blessed.


Sandy Addison said...

I have found it facinating reading blogs from the US and seeing how everyone gets involved invalentines day including the kids. Here in Oz it is only celebrated by couples if that. It is always so nice to tell someone you love them

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend. A bonfire with your husband? How romantic.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Wow! That does sound nice!!
We haven't had a bonfire in awhile, sounds like an idea for this weekend.