Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine Craft

Because Sugar Plum Fairy's school has a 4 day weekend next weekend (mind you, the week before EVERY other school in the area and the actual holiday...don't ask) there will be no school on Valentine's Day. I was secretly hoping that they would ignore the whole thing, but NO! Their Valentine's Party will be this week on the 10th and I was determined to have the treats finished this weekend...SUCCESS!

I have been collecting broken crayons and stashing them and found these silicone molds at Target's dollar area weeks ago. After removing the labels on the crayons, Sugar Plum Fairy placed pieces in each mold.

We stuck them on a cookie sheet for stability and baked at 200* until melted...this took 20ish minutes...some brands melted more quickly.

After they cooled, we added a cute little tablet (Target...pack of 20 for $2.00) and a couple pieces of candy to a small clear bag.

Best of all they are done AND cute!

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Heather at Dragonfly Designs said...

Oh these are so cute! Love the heart shape. Thanks for sharing ~ stop by and say HI sometime! :)

Anonymous said...

SO cute! What a great idea with the crayons.

Tipper said...

My girls used to love to melt crayons. We would look for them at yardsales. One time we melted them and rolled old jelly jars in them-kinda neat-but you had to keep them out of the sunshines : )

Farmerswife said...

You are brilliant! I have soooo many broken crayons laying around! What a great use for them!

Sarah said...

Great idea!

Farmerswife said...

Not meaning to serial post, but I just noticed a few notes you wrote to me MONTHS ago and have no idea why I didn't see them until now :( Do you still have the book you were talking about?

Twisted Fencepost said...

What a great idea!
I have a container of broken crayons around here somewhere. My kids are all too big for crayons now, but the grandones would love them.
Now I need to go find one of those heart shaped molds.

Robin Sue said...

Oooh I love this idea. We have so many broken crayons, plus it is so useful! Glad you liked the cacciatore! Thanks for letting me know, have a great day!