Saturday, February 26, 2011


I have always enjoyed geography and learning about other places. My first recollection of this was when we were visiting my Grandma Jean as a child. For some reason she mentioned that if I wrote to the Tourism Office of different countries, they would mail me information. I did and they did! I had brochures and books from gobs of countries...I can still remember the book I received from the Greek Office.
With my Grandma Jean, I was also introduced to travel...her sister (my Great Aunt Nell) took my mom, my sister, my Grandma Jean and I on a two week cruise through the Panama Canal...I will NEVER forget that. I believe that that cruise and the tourism books I ordered steered me toward my future career as a Travel Agent and opened the world to me. A dear friend of mine (who still works in the industry) sent this link to me and I thought it was fun.


Tipper said...

How neat that your life long interest was started by her and her tip!

It's Grace said...

That's so cool, and wouldn't it be a fun way to learn about the world with our kids? Not to mention that :)