Sunday, February 27, 2011

My New Recipe System

I am about to share with you, another embarrassing area of my home. I feel the same mortification as I did when I showed you my pantry last year. I have a small cupboard next to my stove that started its life as a place that I stored my recipe box, cookie cutters, etc. Over the years, it has become the small cupboard next to my stove where I open the door quickly and shove anything that fell out, back in again. When I find a recipe online now, I print it out...I have a few favorites that I used over and over again...problem with my "open door and shove in policy" is that I could never find the recipe I needed, so I'd print it out again and begin the process over again. As you can imagine, it got out of hand very quickly.
(Many of these pics are horrid...night time + dark cupboard + huge bank of fluorescent light= horrid pics...please forgive)

I believe the part of this mess that bothered me the most was my recipe box. When I got married, my sister gave me a wonderfully special gift. She presented me with a box filled with our Grandma Jean's Recipes. Grandma had passed away when I was in high school and receiving such a gift made her presence during this time of my life almost tangible. Bec had gone through the recipe box and painstakingly copied, by hand, half of the recipes and given me the other half as they were. This way, we each had a complete set of Grandma's recipes. She even wrote the name of the recipes on each divider!

Over the year, I got lazy with replacing the recipes to the correct spot and the box had become a mini version of the cupboard...I'm not proud.

A couple weeks ago, I tackled the box first. I pulled all of the cards out of it, started sorting them by category and placed them all in a new box that I purchased at Hobby Lobby last month. The boxes sit happily on my counter for everyone to see!

I LOVE it.

Then I drug the remaining mess out of the cupboard and onto the kitchen floor. I threw away broken candy molds (can't imagine HOW they got broken in there) and started sorting. I found two scoops (the metal one was in my Grandma's sugar bin and now resides in my flour. I don't remember the yellow one, but I now have it in my homemade biscuit mix. I have no idea what the remote is for OR why it was in this cupboard. Again, not proud.

Once I sorted the trash from the rest, I began the sorting of this pile! (Grrrrr...I hit the wrong button...deleted the picture and since I was so ORGANIZED yesterday, I cleaned my camera card as will have to trust me...the pile of paper was ginormous!)

I separated recipes into categories again and threw away duplicates. I punched holes and added them to a new binder with dividers!

Imagine THAT...I might be able to find "lost" recipes now. This is a favorite and I had completely forgotten about it. I don't know who Pat is/was, but this Manicotti was sent to me by my sister years ago and is a fantastic meal to have in the freezer. (I especially like the nurkey mixture....there is nothing like good nurkey)

I also discovered clippings from magazines that sparked my interest at one time...many I threw away, but a few I still want to try. The centerpiece with crayons and flowers sitting on a paper table cloth would be so much fun for a child's party.

I also discovered the itinerary I made for our RV trip about 5 years idea why or how it got in there, but it goes to show you that I am VERY organized regarding certain things. What a great trip that was!

So, when this was all said and done, I have an organized and lovely recipe box, an organized binder and a cupboard with extra space!

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Farmchick said...

I confess that I have an old Hoosier Cabinet and the largest compartment is much like this. My daughter has also started "stuffing" her art supplies in it as well. It's hard to keep it altogether sometimes!!

Little Treasures said...

Love how you organized the recipe department!
P.S. Thank you for dropping by!!

Amanda said...

Visiting over from the weekend wrap up party...this looks like my pantry of recipes. Out of sight, out of mind, right? I should tame the beast now rather than later. Thanks for the inspiration!

Emily said...

Wow, you are super organized now. That little box that you picked up at Hobby Lobby is so cute...I just might have to get one of my own and get organized too. Thank you for the inspiration!
p.s. thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment.

klutzymama said...

You did a great job! This is how I feel about our craft/toy room. It's complete chaos, but I haven't been able to bring myself to do anything about it yet...maybe I'll get some inspiration from you.
Oh and I, too, love me some good nurkey! :)

Tipper said...

Yay for you!! I need to do that with my recipes. I did clean the junk drawer out last week : )

Melinda said...

I love it! I have a notebook for all of my cut-out recipes too - it works great!

Stefanie said...

Please visit my blog I left something on it for you.

Sandy Jenney - Organize with Sandy said...

Looks great! I found you on Thrifty Decor Chick's blog. I'd love for you to stop by and link up to my Organizing Mission link party!

alicia said...

Wow! You are inspiring me to get some work done! That vacation itinerary seems a bit intimidating to me, I am lucky if I know where we will end up in the end! :)