Friday, December 17, 2010


Christmas vacation officially begins NOW! All three kidnicks are done for at least two gets 3 weeks. Lollipop Pop made these cute pendants for her girlfriends...

(you can see how to make them here. ) She filled pint canning jars with red and green M & M's for some boys and each of her teachers. We put a handful of large pretzel rods in a cellophane bag, tied it with a ribbon and added a bottle of fantastic mustard for the principal. I made a huge batch of granola and she bagged some for teachers as well. We found cute stockings at the dollar store and she filled them with our homemade goodies.

I got to spend the day in Sugar Plum Fairy's classroom today and left filled with happiness. It began when their Book Buddies came to class. (There is an 8th grade class that "adopts" a kindergarten class and visits each Friday. Each 8th grader reads to 1 or 2 little ones. The kindergartners love this and literally squeal with delight when they see the big kids and the older kids learn to help, teach and be positive role models.) Today there were cookies and juice to share together and each class made cards to present their buddy. The neat part this year is that Lollipop Pop is in the class that buddies with Sugar Plum Fairy's class so I get to see the benefits from both sides. While the book buddies were still there, Santa came for a visit! Lollipop Pop's buddy is a little girl, named Maria who does not have much positive happening at home and when Santa walked by and touched her hand, she had a tear rolling down her face. In the afternoon, each child received a wrapped book from their teacher and aides. I helped Maria open hers...she did not know how to begin. As she pulled the paper away and saw the book, she stated that this was the best day she had ever had in her whole life! My heart nearly burst and broke at the same time. Some of these kids just need a bit of love and attention and they would blossom. It brings me peace to know that in some little way, we helped today.

I must also say that Santa went to Sugar Plum's desk, called her by name and asked how her parents were and that they are nice people. I like Santa! (Only thing that would have been better is if I had remembered my camera!)

After a visit to the library, we are in for the day...except our youngest, who is outside collecting rain.

What a perfect Friday at the NutHouse!


It's Grace said...

Jen, such beautiful stories wrapped in one day. My son loves his reading buddy, so I can just see in my mind how excited the little ones must have been! And sweet little Maria..that gets me teary eyed. I hope she has a good Christmas. Doesn't that just break your heart? You're so right; they just need love and some attention.

I'm sure the teachers and principal are loving their gifts, they sound amazing!

Wishing you a beautiful weekend,


Farmchick said...

It sounds like you made some excellent gifts. I love the necklace your daughter made. Very sweet.

Twisted Fencepost said...

This post made my heart break for that little girl and all the others who have troubles at home. I have heard it said that in our school district that the only food the children have to eat is what they get while at school through the free lunch program. The staff at the schools worry about those children during vacations from school. So sad.
I love that you were able to put a little joy in the heart of that child!