Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Decor

I have another 4-H meeting here this afternoon and hubby has P.T. before that, but I wanted to get some Christmas pics up before Easter arrives! These are just a mish mash, but hope you enjoy them.This is actually the centerpiece on our dining table. It is so simple and I love it...I got the candles and large vases at the dollar store and put cranberries in between the two. The roses are from the yard and were the perfect color.

This tree is artificial and has some lights out but this year I decided that I was not going to fret and lose sleep over that fact...yes, it has happened before. Many of the ornaments were given to me as a child and hold special memories. The large red ornaments that are hanging to the left of the tree were made by my Mom years ago...LOVE THEM! I think they are particularly attractive with the ginormous cobweb above them! (We had new ceiling lighting installed last week
and I discovered many others as well...think I like the dark better...)
Even though we have a fake tree, I also HAVE to have a fresh one. I love the scent, the feel and the memories. I get a small one for the top of a table and it has some handmade ornaments that the kids have made.

I did not even realize until last year that I collected Nutcrackers...I do love them.

The mantle is simple and light for the second year in a row. The brick and fireplace are so dark that I enjoy the contrast.

The organ that my Aunt gave me was a wedding present to my great grandmother by her parents and traveled to California on a trailer during the Dustbowl time. It makes me smile.

This also makes me smile. This couple was made by my Norwegian Sister's mom and sits on my
kitchen windowsill every winter.
I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday filled with things that make you smile.


Farmchick said...

Gorgeous decorations. I do love your center piece.

Emie Kay said...

If you're up for decorating hire, I just might call you! I told someone the other day that fun and decorating aren't found in the same sentence in my world. Alas, I DO enjoy others decorating abilities. Beautiful! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love your Christmas decor. Your tree is beautiful!

Betsy said...

So beautiful and festive! Love that dark red!

It's Grace said...

I love all your decorations, Jen! I especially love the nutcrackers. We have a ton of them and I don't think we'll stop collecting them anytime soon. My son, especially is obsessed with them.

I love how you created the glass vase, candle and cranberry look-very elegant. I love rich red. So pretty!!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Your things made me smile, too.
I'm especially partial to that centerpiece and that organ. All the way from the dust bowl. Wow! I would love to have something that old from my ancestors.