Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sugar Plum Fairy

It was 6 years ago that my hubby drove me 35 minutes to the hospital at 5:00am to deliver Sugar Plum Fairy. It was 6 years ago that the nurse told me to go home and come back later. It was six years ago that my hubby tried to find a shortcut home from the hospital to make it easier when we went back...down the most bumpy roads...with me in labor (although the nurse didn't believe me) shortcut exists. It was six years ago that a few hours later, we drove back to the hospital, were admitted and Sugar Plum Fairy arrived within 30 minutes. It was 6 years ago that the same nurse came into my room and apologized for sending me home.

Sugar Plum Fairy is growing up so quickly and continues to blossom. She is adventurous and explores everything and everywhere.

She loves every animal beyond measure and tends to them all. She just informed me that she no longer wants to be a Princess when she grows up but will be a Vet.

She is kind, caring and funny. She still likes to snuggle and gives awesome hugs.

Happy Birthday, Sugar Plum Fairy


Emie Kay said...

Happy Birthday from the Locke family! You are such a precious joy! I don't know you well, but your sweet and sensitive heart makes me feel happy just to be around you! Hope your day is amazing! emie

Farmchick said...

Happy Birthday to the Sugar Plum Fairy! I think being a vet is a great choice!

Twisted Fencepost said...

She is adorable!
Happy Birthday, Sugar Plum Fairy!!

klutzymama said...

Happy Birthday, Sugar Plum Fairy!! She's so cute and I love it that she wants to be a vet!

Janet, said...

She is so cute. A late Happy Birthday to Sugar Plum Fairy. I was never so lucky to have a short labor, my first one lasted for days.