Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Sis

Lollipop Pop Pop had to prepare a presentation to give to her class about someone who has affected her life. She mentioned to me that she was going to write hers about my sister. The only information she asked me was where Aunt Kim taught and the first time I read the essay was when I was helping her find photos for her display board for the presentation. Needless to say, I am thankful to have such people in my children's lives who touch them in such powerful ways.
(I did ask and gain permission from LPP to post this).
Aunt Kim
My Aunt Kim is one of my favorite people in my family. Even though she lives in L, it seems as if she is at my side all the time. If I have a problem she would be the first person I want to call. She has always understood what I am going through as if she were having the same problem at the same time. She always listens to me and I love her so much.
I see my aunt as being a lot like me in different ways. Not in ways of how we look but the ways we act. We understand each other and see things the same way. She is patient and loving in all ways possible. She is also very kind and thoughtful.
She is a tall lady with dark blonde hair and blue eyes, just like my mom. This makes sense because she is my mom's younger sister and they have a lot in common besides what they look like. They are both interested in many of the same things and activities as each other, but there is one major difference between them. My mom explains things as if we were in college, whereas my aunt explains everything in "English". My aunt has two wonderful kids. Alec who is 15 years old and Emily who is 10 years old. She teaches history and a knitting class at L Jr. High School. She used to be an English teacher, so I call her when I need help on something or just am not sure of something. I think that was when I realized how fortunate I am to have such a wonderful aunt. She always listens to me without interrupting. She always knows why I thought what I thought and what I was mistaking it for.
She always knows what to do when I am sad. I remember a time when her family and my family spent a weekend at the beach. It was when I was little and I was sad because, well, I do not remember. What I do remember is that Aunt Kim sat with me until I felt better. I do not know how she did it, but it worked just like she always had and done every since.
My Aunt Kim has taught me so much. It is because she is in my life that I am the way I am. She has taught me to be patient and that no one, including her and me, get everything they want. She has taught me to be confident and to believe in myself. Also from her, I have learned that nobody is perfect and that you need to have good friends to help you through tough situations when you do not have a family member or someone close to help you. I could not ask for a better aunt and I love her so much.
I am thankful for my sister!


Rebcam said...

Don't make me cry this early in the morning! I'm already at work and the kids in my room trying to stay warm are looking at me strangely. Love you too!

Ashley said...

That's really sweet. I have 13 neices and nephews and I don't think any of them would say such nice things about me! Ha! Makes me want to be a better aunt! Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet tribute to your sis!

Stefanie said...

Oh my goodness. That just brings a tear to your eye. You and your little one are so blessed to have such great person in your lives. This is the best thing I have read in days. Thanks so much for sharing it.

Farmchick said...

What a kind, wonderful tribute to your sister.

Twisted Fencepost said...

What a beautiful tribute!
All children should be so lucky!!