Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Advent Calender

We have are gearing up for the beautiful season of Christmas at the Nut House... the Advent Wreath is done and was lit for the first time on Sunday. Today is the first day of December and I completed filling the Advent Calender yesterday. I have a cute little calender with little wooden doors marking each day of December. I decided last year that I did not want to place candy or trinkets behind each door, but activities. Sugar Plum Fairy gets to open each day and this year will be able to read each with some help. Some items are simply helping me do the things that need to be done while others are just fun.

Have Family Game Night
Watch Christmas Parade and drink hot chocolate.
Sing Happy Birthday to Jesus
Bake Cinnamon Ornaments for friends
Watch the movie "Tangled
Hang Christmas Stockings
Give Daddy 10 kisses
Give cats a bowl of warm milk
Make snowflakes for "someone" ("someone" reads this blog)
Draw a Christmas Picture for "someone else"
Give the horses carrots
Make baskets for neighbors
Make dog treats
Get 5 library books
Take a drive and look at Christmas lights
Help make a birthday cake for Jesus
Help prepare box for Women's Shelter
Collect canned food for 4-H
Give Lollipop Pop a HUMONGOUS hug!

Send Christmas cards to "some people"
Mail Christmas card to Army Soldier
Take flowers to teacher
Have pajama day
Give Mommy 5 old kisses and 5 new kisses (when she was tiny, she gave us bizarre and wonderful kisses...as she grew up, they became normal , wonderful kisses...this is our way to keep the old ones in our lives and she gets a kick out of it...I think...)
Give Shaggy a BIG hug!

I printed these out, cut them into strips and placed each behind a door. I scheduled them while looking at MY calender so that pajama day didn't fall on a school day and that watching the Christmas Parade actually was on the correct day! Singing Happy Birthday is Christmas mornings' task and we will bake the cake on Christmas eve morning.
As we move closer to Christmas, I want to have the kids remember the importance of this season and remember it as a beautiful time, rather than a hurried and frazzled time.

(These photos have nothing to do with this post,
but I took them last night and thought they were pretty...
must be the camera)


alicia said...

Great idea! This is our first year with an advent calendar and I didn't want to candy in for every day either. Some days still do, but moderation will be okay. :)

Emie Kay said...

Oh just beautiful, I'm in tears. You find such beauty in life and bring it so thoroughly to your family and those of us who peek in! Thanks for sharing the beauty you see and bring to life.

Melinda said...

I love that Advent calendar idea - especially the sweet things the kids find inside to do!

Farmgirl Paints said...

WONDERFUL idea. I've never done the advent thing. Makes me want to.

Stefanie said...

I love an advent calendar. I had one growing up every year. It was a special thing to open at night with my daddy. I love the pictures of your sky.