Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You will be proud of me that I did not forget a child anywhere last week...however, I did show up 20 minutes early to pick Shaggy up when he had a minimum day! I had my first 4-H Cooking meeting last week and taught the kiddos to make homemade pie crust and an Apple Tart. It was yummy and super easy. Wednesday and Thursday after school had Band Practice which also involved me making certain students had their uniforms and hats ready to go. We had a minor glitch and I did not even panic...just worked through it and all was good. Friday morning, Lollipop Pop woke up with a massive ear ache...I am certain it only occurred because it was Friday. I got her to the Dr. first thing that morning and started the drops for Swimmer's Ear...yes, it is October and the pool has been empty for more than 2 months...I have no idea. Anyway, she felt enough better in the afternoon for me to leave her at home while I went with Sugar Plum Fairy on her field trip to the Pumpkin Patch. The other little girl I watched had never seen corn before, nor the animals in the petting zoo area. She held my hand and was very leery of them all at first. After seeing the piglets, lamb, rabbits and goose, she lit up and squealed with delight. Such fun! I did forget the camera, though...not sure where my brain was!
After a very long and sleepless night with Lollipop Pop and her very sore ear, we rose and arrived at the school before 6:00am on Saturday to travel to the Band Competition. The school that our girls attend is a K-8, and has about 350 students in all. The band and auxiliary comprise approximately 70 students...mostly 6th - 8th graders and they did very well. The band placed 1st in 2 classes and the Flag Team placed 3rd. Lollipop Pop suffered through and ended up sleeping the rest of the day. Sunday was a fun filled day celebrating my twin niece and nephew's 13th birthday. We all agreed that a 3 day weekend would have been nice. Last week is now behind me and I'm ready for whatever this week brings.


Farmchick said...

Glad you made it through everything. Life with kids can get so hectic.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Yay! You survived and all is well.
Atleast I hope the ear ache is all better now.
She's a trooper going ahead with the show.
Us Mom's....we are tough! We can handle anything.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Oh yeah, I love that background!!