Sunday, August 15, 2010

How did we do?

Summer officially ends tomorrow as school begins for our three kidnicks. While we had an amazing summer, beginning with the cruise and ending with an almost completed Summer To Do List.

Here's how we did...

1. Swim....We did this as often as possible AND Sugar Plum Fairy learned to swim without her floaties!

2. Star Gazing...I love living away from town for this very reason. Magical.

3. BBQ...Something fantastic about hamburgers on the grill.

4. Hide and Seek...Nope...I forgot until just now. Oops.

5. Build sandcastles...Of course.

6. No TV...I knew this would be a stretch, although I am still a firm believer. I modified the rule and made it "no t.v. during the day, during the week". They did pretty well, I must admit.

7. Butterfly Museum...Sugar Plum Fairy and her Daddy went and she loved it!

8. Picnics...We had several, but my favorite was when Sugar Plum Fairy packed one all by herself and invited me to join her on the trampoline.

9. Date Nights...Does attending a wedding sans kids count?

10.Dinner Party...We did have friends over for a fun dinner. My parents (and my sister and her family) also came out for a wonderful lunch prepared fully by their 5 grandchildren. THAT was a fun day.

11. Movies...Toy Story 3 = Blubbering Mom.

12. Family Game Night...Apples to Apples has become a favorite of ours although Sugar Plum Fairy adores Candyland.

13. Golf...Shaggy and his Dad played quite a bit and had fun.

14. Camping...We decided in June, that we would put our official camping trip off until the fall. There was just a lot of other things happening and it is HOT. However, last week, the girls and I camped in the back yard. It was a giggling, fun time.

15. Bonfire...Yep.

16. Homemade Ice Cream...We discovered that the recipe stating 16 servings, didn't feed the 5 in our family....

17. Library....Every week. I am going to miss my Tuesday mornings with my youngest when she is in school.

18.S'Mores...Can't have a Bonfire without them!

19. Fishing...Hubby took Shaggy and his cousin fishing. Two of the three had fun.

20. Lake...Lollipop Pop got up on her skis this year!

21. No arguing... Ummm... sadly, nope.

22. Water fight... Small ones, but nothing compared to those of my youth! My sister and I would squirt our Mom with the kitchen sink sprayer through the window. She chuckled and took it...until she turned the outside hose on US through the window! My Dad just shook his head.

Add baseball, beach trips, reading and relaxing to the mix and it was a pretty amazing 3 months...Sure did fly by, though!


Julie said...

You guys did great! What a great idea! I have to agree about the camping, our trip is going to be this fall as well.

Farmchick said...

You guys really did pack a lot into your summer. We only had about 6 1/2 weeks of summer due to making up missed days in the school year - flu outbreak and snow. Hope we do better this year.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Wow! Can I spend next summer with you? LOL
We've had a pretty busy here, too.
And yes it has flown by.
My son starts school Wednesday. I have no idea why they start and end school in the middle of the week here. They do it every year.

Anonymous said...

Your summer looks like it was a blast! I always end up feeling like we didn't do even half of what we said we would do.
I LOVE the water fight story about your mom - she sounds like a hoot!

Tia said...

Sounds like a great summer! I have one more year until my one and only goes to Kindergarden and I am already a little weepy.