Monday, August 30, 2010


We had a spectacular weekend, weather wise and I got the garden under control again. Last week offered us temps teetering on boiling, but Saturday and Sunday were in the 80*'s...seriously, almost a 30 degree difference in 3 days. The windows in the house were all open and a hint of fall was in the air...perfection! The artichokes were done and since I had not been in the garden for too long, they had been allowed to blossom into beautiful thistle glory.
Sugar Plum Fairy told me that her Grandma said I had to take pictures before I pulled them up...I'm glad she did...they are really pretty in person.

The photos are not great, but I think you get the idea... there were three artichokes on this plant in varying degrees of begins to open and is a bright pink color

...then the center grows larger and darkens

before blooming in an almost florescent purple.
Now that the garden is cleaned out and ready for fall...we are heading back to triple digit temps again in a few days! YUCK!!!!!


Twisted Fencepost said...

How cool! I didn't know artichokes bloomed like that. But then I've never seen them growing either. tee hee
Glad Grandma thought to remind someone to get pics.

Ann said...

Did you know that you can hang them upside down and let them dry for arrangements? They are even pretty sprayed gold in a wreath.

That is your trivia for the day. (~_~)

Anonymous said...

Very pretty - had no idea that they looked like that.

Farmchick said...

Those are beautiful and I didn't know they bloomed!

alicia said...

I had no idea that artichokes blossomed!
How beautiful!