Friday, July 9, 2010

Randam Linkage

I seem to have had random thoughts buzzing through my head this week and have not been able to stay focused. A perfect time to link up with


So head on over and see what other random thoughts are going through blogland. These are just a few of mine...
  • Why are there still June bugs lurking in my garage to terrorize me at night as I walk through with bare feet? Did they not get the memo that it is July?

  • I believe that it should be a requirement that all students be able to count change back to a customer without the aid of a cash register before they graduate!

  • I enjoy watching sparrow babies learn to fly and then try and get nourishment from the hummingbird feeder!

  • My washing machine is on the fritz...out of commission until next Friday! Thank goodness for a mother in law who actually loves to do laundry!

  • After having spent a long weekend at the coast over the 4th of July, I remember why I like to stay home. The multitude of people on the beach was unbelievable and the traffic home was SLOW!After having spent a long weekend at the coast over the 4th of July with the mulitude of people, I am thankful for friends with a quiet sanctuary in which we could visit, watch the fireworks AND the people. Thanks T and D!

  • I love picking veggies and herbs from our garden and feeding my family...makes me feel a bit like Ma Ingalls.



Twisted Fencepost said...

I just wish my veggies would get ready to pick already!
Happy Friday to you, too!!

Anonymous said...

I love our garden too. Such good and delish things....and fresh.

I would not have minded the traffic just to be at the beach. I <3 it.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Jennifer said...

Ma Ingalls... too cute! :) Those baby sparrows are sure smart to try the hummingbird feeder!

Michelle said...

I agree with the change back. It should be taught in elementary and then re-tested every year until graduation. Is it so hard to count? My 4 year old can do it. :)

Jen said...

My flowers do well, but this is my first attempt at the fruits and veggies. My tomato plants are all flowery but NO fruit. Glad your garden is going better than mine! :)

Oh and I'm with Critty -- the beach is worth it!

tipper said...

I liked your random thoughts : ) And I agreee-I so love it when I feel like my life is off an episode of Little House!!