Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Beginning

Our trip to the Mediterranean began on a Sunday when we drove to the big city to catch our flight. Today's pics are ones that Shaggy took as I am STILL unable to find my card. Sugar Plum Fairy had never flown before and the airplane was the only part of the trip that she was "not sure about". As it turned out, she loved it...except for some of the "bumpies". The kids loved watching our plane be prepared for our flight to London. You might know that British Airway's flight attendants have been on strike...this did not affect us on the front side of the trip, but it sure did on the back end. More on that later.
We stayed in a hotel in the midst of La Rambla in Barcelona.

La Rambla is a popular area of Barcelona. It is a mostly pedestrian area with street vendors, cafes and people. My Norwegian sister recommended the hotel and it was perfect for our family. We had a light dinner the first night and slept soundly. We had planned to have a day in Barcelona before boarding the ship which was a great idea as we got most of our grumbles and grumpies out of our system. We purchased tickets on a double decker, open air tourist bus which allowed us to hop on and off as many times during the day as we wanted. The buses came to each stop about every 20 minutes and were equipped with headsets that told us what we were
seeing throughout the city.
We visited the Olympic Stadium,

and saw some of the most interesting architecture. Gaudi was an architect who thought and built with the lines of nature in mind. Many of his buildings are made with curving and twisting lines and lots of color.

We passed Sagrada Familia which is a huge church that Gaudi began building in 1882 until his death is 1926. It is still being constructed...estimates to finish are still decades away!

We also walked up the hill to visit Park Guell which overlooks the city.

It was his home and is now a museum and park for all to enjoy.

It is strangely pretty.

Today was also my birthday and we went to a wonderful restaurant that over looked the water. I had the most spectacular Paella and Sangria ever! My sister-in-law's name is Iva, so it was nice of her to join us as well.

The waiter was great and brought dessert with candles after the meal. He even led the singing of Happy Birthday to me...he only knew the first few words, but it capped off the best birthday I have had!

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Twisted Fencepost said...

What cool architecture.
Happy belated birthday!!
It was nice to include Iva. tee hee