Friday, May 21, 2010

Washington DC, Day 4

Today we rose bright and early, again, and boarded JD's Roller Coaster of Luv one last time.

JD had played that theme song on the bus throughout the trip and had explained to the kids that life is like a roller has its ups and downs, but it is fun. The theme of staying on track and enjoying the ride was a conveyed all week. JD drove us to New York, said his good- byes
and left us in the capable hands of Mark, who would be our guide in New York. The subway and feet would be our mode of transportation here. We were greeted by the sights and sounds of a big city.

Mark met us at the Museum of American History where most of us explored. A small group had decided to take a tour of the new Yankee Stadium and would meet us later at dinner.

Again, ceilings and things hanging from ceilings grabbed my attention

....look at the toes on that thing!

JD had played Night at the Museum on the way to the city and the kids had fun locating things that were featured in the movie.

This little guy (Pacific Tree Frog) reminded me of home where we hear their loud chorus.

New York City... across the street from Central Park... with my daughter...doesn't get much better than this!

The group of us who didn't want to go to Yankee Stadium had decided to got the Empire State Building. We headed to the subway and introduced the kids to something new. In all, we rode the subway 3 times. On this first ride, they stuck together like the third time, they had relaxed and spread out a bit. It was fun to see their confidence grow.

The Empire State Building always reminds me of Sleepless in Seattle and An Affair to Remember. I am sure that I am the ONLY one who feels that way

We were heading up the 86th floor which is where the observation "deck" is. The elevator travels so quickly that is counts the floors in 10's...not individually!

It was extremely windy up here...look at Lollipop Pop's sweatshirt sleeve around her waist. She was not thrilled with being this high up and in the wind, but she stuck it out and let me take photos.

The views were spectacular! It was a favorite part of the trip for many people.

After dinner, we got to see Wicked! What a fun show! I had not realized that it is based on a book. This was yet another terrific experience for these kids. They were perfectly behaved and loved it!

Taking a group photo in the center of Times Square at midnight was fun and boy did the kids see some "interesting" people on the streets. Quite eye opening for some of them!

This night we got a whopping 5 hours of sleep! As much as I like to sleep, I am so glad we are seeing so much! Only one more day.

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Twisted Fencepost said...

Wow, you definitely had a jammed packed visit up there in the northeast.
Tiring, but I know you had a blast.