Thursday, April 22, 2010


We listen to your music,
As we drive in the car;
I try to be open,
I'm glad it's not far.
I lend an ear,
I want to familiarize,
I make sure the lyrics
Are not those meant to despise.
Not all television programs
Are appropriate for you;
We watch some together
To discuss and review.
My personal interests
I'll not force on your core;
Pressing my passions on you
Might limit you for more.
You want to grow up
So very fast;
You say you know more
And that I live in the past.
The menacing generation gap
Is near
When my advice,
Is replaced by your peers.


Jessica {The Novice Chef} said...

Love it!

Lilli said...

Fab... what a way to say what all parents must think. I'm visiting from New Friend Friday and wanted to say that I appreicaite your comments on my blog. I like your blog and will be following and would sincerely appreciate a follow from you too. Looking forward to your posts! Nice to meet you.

Farmchick said...

Well said!!