Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kindred Spirits

I discovered Kristen's Blog a couple weeks ago and I must say that the name "Windy Poplars" made me smile. As I began reading more, I felt a connection with her. Lo and behold, she is holding a Kindred Spirit Party today. Hmmm...must mean something! Anyway, check it out and here are my answers.
Windy Poplars

1. If you could describe your desired lifestyle in one word, what would it be?

2. What style of home is your "House of Dreams"?
I adore Tudor style architecture.

3. If you could live in a fictional story/movie, which would it be and why?
The Sound of Music..the location, the fun, the romance...well, everything but
the War, I suppose!

4. Do you prefer coffee or tea? Favorite kind?
Coffee with Splenda and creamer. Iced Tea is hard to beat in the summer,

5. Share the last sweet/romantic thing your hubby did for you.
No laughing.....he built me the chicken coop I had wanted. I had been gone for a couple days...returned home with it halfway finished as a surprise. I was truly


Kristin said...

Hi! Thanks for coming over to join the party today! I really enjoyed reading your answers. I love the Sound of Music too...what a great movie - oh, and tudor houses...they remind me of castles and knights and fair maidens! Great to get to know you a little more. - Hope you're having a wonderful day :-)

Kristin said...

Hope you enjoy some fresh flowers in your house today :-) Snap dragons are so beautiful - the rainbow colored ones are my favorite!